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Our Energizer batteries have quality and capacity you can depend on, providing long-lasting power to keep all of your devices powered. Energizer makes different types of long-lasting batteries: High quality Energizer MAX Alkaline AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V; Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries, which are the longest lasting AA, AAA and 9V batteries on the market; Energizer Recharge, that are the most powerful and stable Ni-MH rechargeable batteries; Energizer Lithium Photo 123, CR2, 2CR5, 223 which are the best and most popular choices for camera batteries. Other types include silver oxide watch batteries; and coin batteries. Energizer Batteries are the preferred choice for medical devices, microphones, security systems, smoke alarms, cameras, toys, supplemental power, flashlights, and other lighting products.
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